Who is Trish Betty?

Who is Trish Betty?

Who is Trish Betty?

Who is Trish Betty?

OK, so I’m finally starting my blog. It’s a raw honest look into the world of a casual teacher. The ups, the downs and the crazy! Because let’s face it, you’d have to be bonkers to want to be a teacher these days. And it just turns out I am..


The rules of the blog:

-         No school names

-         All teacher’s and student’s names have been changed for confidentiality, including my own… OMG! I’m not Trish? Haha nope. I need to protect my anonymity some how!

-         Blogs must be short. Hey, I’m a busy woman. I don’t have time to writing pages of endless babble.

-         I’m making it all up as I go so the rules may change.


About Trish

I’m 27 years old. I’ve been ‘casualling’ for what seems like FOREVER! I’m in the constant battle for a permanent job but at the same time I see how stressed out the perm teachers are so I’m actually not sure if I really want a permanent job…

I’m single, ready to mingle. I think I’m a good teacher, haha but do you know a teacher who doesn’t rate themesleves?

I love kids.

I love fun energetic lessons but I also enjoy a quiet classroom.

I love a clean classroom but I also love glitter. It’s a hard life.

I love honest teachers who let their students see their real selves.

I love sharing my wacky experiences.


Please enjoy because I’m not going to hide anything!