Let's Talk Angry Teachers

Let's Talk Angry Teachers

Let's Talk Angry Teachers

Let's Talk Angry Teachers

Is it just me or does every school have one token angry teacher? I don’t mean mildly cranky or mean. I mean ANGRY! 

That teacher who looks like he/she is going to have a stroke just because their students can’t line up straight. The ones that go into a five minute monologue outlining the decline in their students behaviour while every student being spoken to is too scared to blink.

Don't get me wrong, I agree that students need strong guidance and sometimes a stern chat about their behavioural choices but screaming until you're blue in the face isn't doing your or your students health any good. 

These teachers I find are not only angry at their students but their colleagues as well. 

If you, heaven forbid, forget something on the crazy school schedule, watch your head because you might lose it! These types of angry teachers remind me of old angry bulldogs that haven't been let out of their yard for a few years. Angry teachers are ready to throw their colleagues under the bus for something simple like forgetting to hand out a permission slip the same day it was delivered to the classroom. 

Angry teachers scare me, let alone every student in the school! I watch wide eyed as their faces go red and the veins bulge out of their neck as they swallow their next prey. 

I seem to find one of these teachers at every school. Is it the fact that they are done with years and years of repetitive school days? Do they have something going on at home that forces them to express their anger in this way? I don’t know. 

How do you combat an angry teacher? Fight fire with fire? Offer your own anger in retaliation? No, that’s not my style. My way of combating this anger and negativity is just like I would student behaviour. Model positivity. Model having your colleagues back no matter the circumstance. Now I am a far cry from being an executive member but I do believe every teacher has the responsibility of owning the type of energy they bring into the school. So take how you treat your students and colleagues seriously. Be the teacher everyone would be happy to work with. 

And, if you ever see me treating anyone in this angry way, especially my students, take my teaching license away! Please and thank you!


Trish Betty