Tip the Teacher is not your average website for teachers. It is driven by real teachers to help you keep the passion alive during those stressful weeks when you feel you need inspiration to get those creative juices flowing. The purpose of the website is to connect teachers. It’s not driven by profit as teachers can join and use every feature of this website absolutely free!

  • It is a forum for teachers to express their passion. Follow you favourite teachers across the country and see photos, videos and posts about what is going on in their classroom.
  • Find your favourite teacher’s blog and learn in detail about his/her favourite lessons in the classroom.
  • It is an online market place. Download online products made by your favourite teachers.

Are you a teacher interested in sharing your journey with others?

One major reason Tip the Teacher is going to change the way teachers can afford those extra few trips to Officeworks is crowd funding. Yes, Tip the Teacher is exactly that, opportunities for followers to send you monetary tips. No, not like Kickstarter, you don’t need to be pitching for money. You do what you do best; TEACH, and share your experiences then tips are sent as a thank you from followers who want to show their gratitude for sharing your knowledge and experiences.