According to a study by the Survey Sampling International on behalf of SEEK, less than half of Australians are happy with their job.

Teachers are lucky. Most of us love our job. Don’t get me wrong, we still don’t like Mondays and the thought of our long ‘To Do’ list gives us shudders but our students give us meaning. Watching them grow and achieve their goals helps us to know that our hard work has purpose. To ensure our focus can remain on our students Tip the Teacher has created a website where teachers can do what they do best. Learn from each other and collaborate.

Do you remember having that one colleague or teacher that inspired you. Have you ever learnt about a great teaching strategy from a teacher and wondered what other great things are going on in their classroom? Well Tip the Teacher is the ultimate collaborating website for teachers.

Tip the Teacher gives teachers a window into other classrooms. Real teachers, with real classrooms and real passion for making a difference. A place for teachers to share their favourite resources, triumphs, challenges and memorable moments with each other.