Associate Professor in Psychology at Bond University, Peta Stapleton, discovered that over half of Australian teachers suffer from anxiety and nearly one-fifth are depressed. 

Unfortunately teacher work load and government support does not seem to be improving so what can we do to support our own and our colleague’s mental health? We need to have our own self-awareness stress dial to understand our own levels of stress and how it manifests in our bodies. All humans are unique and cope with stress in many different ways.

Are you someone who cares about the wellbeing of your colleagues?

This downloadable teacher wellbeing guide is a great printable for any teacher looking to enhance the happiness and wellbeing of other teachers.

You might print this off to leave in staff pigeon holes or you might volunteer to run a staff meeting on teacher wellbeing and use this printable as your guide or take home action plan.

This free printable is for any teacher passionate about looking after the staff at their school!

Click here to download the Free Wellbing Guide

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Kat Mardell

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