And she was thrown into the Circus

And she was thrown into the Circus

And she was thrown into the Circus

And she was thrown into the Circus

Hi Guys! 

I just had to tell you about my recent experience at a new school. I had 3 hours scheduled on one year 6 class and 3 hours scheduled on the other year 6 class. I was told all class work would be set so I just had to deliver the work during this time. Easy.


The first class was just beautiful. The classroom teacher was a young teacher that had gone above and beyond in her effort to decorate her classroom. I was sure she'd be featuring on Pintrest somewhere. The walls had a rainbow theme and high level vobabulary was everywhere to be seen. The class seemed to be quite intelligent and powered through the work I had given them.


I was beginning to think this was going to be an easy day when the teacher arrived back in her classroom and instructed me to go to the other Year 6 room. I left the classroom and struggled to find the next class until I realised this class was given the demountable, out the back of the school on it's own. 


That wasn't the only things that was different about this class. The teacher looked like a stereotypical male PE teacher. He was very athletic, a teacher's desk that resembled a scrap yard, with minimal work displayed on the walls and scattered furniture and rersources everywhere. He seemed to be in hurry to get out of the classroom and didn't give me much work for the afternoon. He simply stated as he walked towards the door, they can finish that maths game, then he was gone. 


I quickly learnt that this class was like not the previous one. There were two full time teachers aides at the back of the room and they seemed to look at me with careful eyes.



The class started to get very loud, quickly. I instructed them to continue on with the maths game while I went to the teacher's desk to see if there was any other work set for the afternoon. Not long after I made it to the desk, dice were starting to be thrown around the room and students began to run around the classroom. I thought to myself, ok, this is your time to show them you mean business. 


I used the best authoritative voice I could find and told them to sit down. It was then I noticed a boy in the front of the class with a huge black eye. He wasn't playing the game. He was just chatting to another student next to him. Another male student at the back of the room started calling out to him, "Hey, howd'ya do that?" he asked. The student with the black eye ignored him. "Did ya brother punch ya?" he continued, "or did ya punch yourself", in which he roared with laughter. 


The boy with the black eye started to look annoyed. He stood up in front of the class turned around and calmly said, "I might have a black eye but your mother is dead." Oh crap, I thought. Here we go. The student sitting at the back's eyes widened. He stood up throwing his chair to the side of the room and it bounced narrowly missing a teacher's aide. Both boys grabbed each other by the collar fiercly as I screamed, "Stop!"


Both boys froze, still holding each other's collar, galring at each other. I looked at the boy from the back of the room and said, "I know why you are angry, I heard what he said. It was uncalled for and you are allowed to be angry. Go for a walk outside, leave him with me and I will report what he said to your teacher". The boy replied with a scream and threw himself off the other boy and stormed outside. 


I took three deep breaths. Wow, I thought, two hours to go...




  • I'm glad you helped both students in the safest way possible. xo
    Post On : 02 August 2019
  • Wow! What a day! I'm glad you were able to deescalate the situation.
    Post On : 26 August 2019