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3 Way Conferences/ Interviews

3 Way Conferences/ Interviews
3 Way Conferences/ Interviews

It’s that time of year where parent/ teacher interviews are approaching and you start to get nervous and overthink what you’re going to say, what will they say, do you have enough data/evidence, what if it’s a child who hasn’t progressed, will they blame you? Etc. 

My school runs student led conferences where our kids actually lead the interview. We prepare a reading, writing and maths goal for them to discuss eith Their parents. I then share strategies on what to do at home to help that goal and what I’ll be doing in the classroom. We also create a behaviour or social goal such as preserving, making good choices, organisation etc. The parents love this because they hear directly what their child wants to achieve and what they can do to help them!

its also nice for the students to hear both their teacher and parents discussing how proud they are!

if it’s a student who needs a more serious conversation I leave it for another time or I book the family in for two back to back sessions and ask the child to leave the room for one of them.

Happy interviewing!